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donnie madden


Nothing like coming to a clean gym every morning! Make it a great day kids!

#chakra color #nano4 in horizontal order cuz im a hippy nerd and ill probably end up ordering them for team unicorn.

I should call these the miami vice/wake me up before you gogo nanos. #nano4s #shoes #crossfit #reebok

This is what i do in between #crossfit #crossfitgames downtime. I design over and over. Eventually ill decide.

I tried two new things today! #sup for the first time. And a #yoga #headstand. #laketahoe #fitness #lifestyle @franj000 called me out for a next challenge and i love her for it! Gonna plan sum sup๐Ÿ˜˜ (at Kings Beach at North Lake Tahoe)

@c_los71 and the kids above #dtla #elysianpark #regram

Cool clouds in #dtla

Me and Riley chillin after barre sculpt. I ran to class so i showed up pretty sweaty. These poor girls have their sanctuary disrupted by burly scruffy sweaty boy. #getintoit girls:) @audraskaates @themainbarre (at The Main Barre)

Got my fins back! Cant get enough!

Whateverrrr sister!@jamesmendoza150 see you bright and early!

In honor of the #crossfit games, my coach and #wod partner @jamesmendoza150 and I went and hit the pool again. This time we showed up with kettle bells!It was fun! My lungs arent used to swim sprints! ๐ŸŠ (at Roosevelt HS Pool)

I like these guys. They are nice! Kindness and being nice create loyalty with this guy! Especially if you serve organic #healthie food! #dtla #lifestyle #affordable (at Natural Selection DTLA)

Good morning! Working out in nature has made this quite the enjoyable summer! I show up for myself, and for others who show up for themselves. #showup #showupbig #showupstronger

Summertime soup. It just seemed right:) #healthie

I love sleep. But i love getting up here early enough to enjoy the dew on the grass a lot more. Do what you #love I’m sure my client enjoyed the dew on his skin aka “fat tears” because his fat cells were crying this morning:) so there is that too.